三海域イニシアティブ(3SI) ー エネルギー、交通・運輸、デジタル分野における投資機会の発掘

Three Seas Initiative(3SI) : exploring investment opportunities in the fields of energy, transport and digital connectivity

日本語版(Japanese Version)

English version
Duration: about 100 min.

日時:2024年4月18日(木) 16:00~17:30(15:45受付開始)
形式: オンラインセミナー(Zoomライブ+オンデマンド配信)
Date and Time: Thursday, April 18, 2024, 16:00-17:30 JST (Registration 15:45~)
Platform: Zoom webinar (Live and On-demand streaming)
Sponsors: Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Japan,  Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Japan, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Language: English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation


開会挨拶/Welcome remarks
H.E. Mr. Pawel Milewski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Japan
H.E. Dr. Aurelijus Zykas, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Japan
H.E. Mr. Jean-Eric Paquet, Ambassador of the European Union to Japan

基調講演/Keynote speeches
中村 仁威(外務省 欧州局 審議官(大使))
Dr. NAKAMURA Kimitake, Deputy Director-General of European Affairs Bureau (Ambassador)
パヴェウ・ゲンプスキ ポーランド共和国外務省 経済協力局長代行
Mr. Paweł Gębski, Acting Director General, Department for Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

講演/Expert panel

Investment potential of the Three Seas region: opportunities for Japanese investors in the fields of energy, transport and digital connectivity
Ms. Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, Ambassador for 3SI, Special Representative of the President of the Republic of Poland for the Three Seas Initiative

Achievements of the 3SI Summit and Business Forum in Vilnius and future agenda for the 3SI Initiative
ゲディミナス・バルブオリス(リトアニア外務省 Ambassador for 3SI and Connectivity)
Mr. Gediminas Varvuolis, Ambassador for 3SI and Connectivity, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

Potential and Opportunities for Japanese Investments and JBIC’s role in the region
赤林 勉(株式会社国際協力銀行 電力・新エネルギー第1部長)
Mr. Ben Akabayashi, Director General, New Energy & Power Finance Department 1, Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Challenges for Three Seas Initiative – scientific perspective in the context of security and investment
マルタ・ゲプスカ(戦争研究大学 准教授・ 新欧州研究所 研究員)
Ms. Marta Gębska (PhD), Associate Professor at War Studies University, Expert in Institute of New Europe

ROMANIA, a pillar of strength and stability in the Black Sea region
Mr. Alexandru MITROI, Senior Adviser, Invest Romania


閉会挨拶/Closing remarks
林 健一郎(一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団 理事長)
Mr. Kenichiro Hayashi, President, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)


Ms. Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka
Former President of the Polish State Development Bank (BGK). From 1994 to 2016, she worked at Bank Zachodni WBK of the Santander Group. Ms Daszyńska-Muzyczka is the initiator and creator of the most important financial project in CEE – the Three Seas Investment Fund (3SIIF). Since June 2019 she has been the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the Three Seas Investment Fund.

Mr. Gediminas Varvuolis
Currently serving as Ambassador at Large for connectivity and the Three Seas Initiative at the Europe Department of the MFA of Lithuania Mr. Gediminas Varvuolis previously held various positions at the Lithuanian diplomatic service. Between February 2018 and October 2021 Mr Gediminas Varvuolis served as the Ambassador of Lithuania to Japan. From Tokyo he was also accredited to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines as well as ASEAN & Asia Europe Foundation. Before coming to Japan, from 2013 to 2018 he served as ambassador of Lithuania to Belgium and from Brussels was also accredited to Luxembourg and Algeria.

Mr. Ben Akabayashi
Mr. Akabayashi is Director General, New Energy & Power Finance Department 1 of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (“JBIC”), who is responsible for JBIC’s relationship management with most of European countries including Lithuania, Poland and 3SI regions. He is also in charge of managing a task group for JBIC’s support for Ukraine and its neighboring countries. He has been involved in limited recourse finance in energy, infrastructure, LNG, petrochemicals, and natural resources development for more than 20 years.

Ms. Marta Gębska
Dr. habil. in security studies and PhD in economics. Researcher at War Studies University, Head of the Department of International Security and Diplomacy in National Security Faculty.  Interests include: economic security, international aspects of economic policy, international political economy, Three Seas Initiative. Trainee at the World Bank (2004), scholarship holder at the universities of Manchester, London, and Rome. Author of more than 80 of articles and book chapters, scientific editor of monographs in disciplines of international security, including 2 handbooks on military and non-military dimension of international security.

Mr. Alexandru MITROI
With 20 years of experience in Foreign Direct Investment attraction in private and public environment, Mr. Mitroi is presently Senior Adviser within InvestRomania for the past 10 years. On this position he advised international investors in various industries ranging from Automotive, Aerospace or Agribusiness to IT, Outsourcing of Business Services and Energy. In this position he promoted Romania as an attractive location for investment, working with local authorities and other stakeholders that are also very important part of this process. In this role, he successfully advised dozens of investors that decided to set up units in Romania.  Previous to that, he worked as Business Development Manager for an industrial developer in Romania, working mostly on automotive projects. Graduate from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, with a degree in Business Administration (English-French department).