3SI - Strengthening resilience of critical infrastructure in Central and Eastern Europe



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Duration: 140 min.

日時:2023年9月12日(火) 16:00~17:30(15:45受付開始)
形式: オンラインセミナー(Zoomライブ+オンデマンド配信)
Date and Time: Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 16:00-17:30 JST (Registration 15:45~)
Platform: Zoom webinar (Live and On-demand streaming)
Sponsors: Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Embassy of Romania, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Supporter: KEIDANREN
Language: English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation


開会挨拶/Welcome remarks

H.E. Mr. Pawel Milewski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Japan
H.E. Mr. Ovidiu Dranga, Ambassador of Romania to Japan

基調講演/Keynote speeches

中村 仁威(外務省 参事官(大使))
Mr. NAKAMURA Kimitake, Deputy Assistant Minister (Ambassador), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Fostering synergy: leveraging like-minded partnerships and investment prospects in the Three Seas Initiative region
(Message on behalf of Minister Alexandru-Mihai Ghigiu, Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Romania and the National Coordinator of the Three Seas Initiative)
H.E. Mr. Ovidiu Dranga, Ambassador of Romania to Japan

Investment opportunities in the Three Seas Region
Ms. Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, Ambassador for 3SI, Special Representative of the President of the Republic of Poland for the Three Seas Initiative


3SI – A springboard for strengthening security, economic development and connectivity across the Baltic, Adriatic and the Black Sea regions. Cooperation with Japan and opportunities for investment in infrastructure projects

Connectivity, resilience and Ukraine reconstruction – new agenda for Central Europe and 3SI
Dr. Konrad Popławski, Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW)

The Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund – projects and case studies
コリーナ・ヴルペシュ(エクシム・ルーマニア銀行 制度関係、融資、保証・保険部門 政府資金部門課長)
Mrs. Corina Vulpeș, Director, Institutional Relations, Financing, Guarantees and Insurance – State Funds Division, Exim Banca Românească

赤林 勉(株式会社国際協力銀行 電力・新エネルギー第1部 部長)
Mr. Ben Akabayashi, Director General, New Energy and Power Finance Department 1, Japan Bank for International Cooperation(JBIC)

The ICT sector in the Three Seas Initiative countries as a regional driver of growth
ピョトル・アラック(ポーランド経済研究所 所長)
Mr. Piotr Arak, Director of Polish Economic Institute (PIE)

「地域サイバー防御センター サイバーセキュリティー分野における、多国間協力のためのプラットフォーム 」
ゲイスタウタス・チェルニュス(リトアニア国立サイバー セキュリティーセンター (NKSC)  脅威分析ユニット (CTAC) 責任者)
Mr. Geistautas Černius, Head of the Threat Analysis Unit (CTAC), Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre (NKSC)


閉会挨拶/Closing remarks
林 健一郎(一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団 理事長)
Mr. Kenichiro Hayashi, President, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)


Alexandru-Mihai GHIGIU
Mr. Ghigiu is the Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Romania. He holds a PhD in Political Science from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest (SNSPA) and has taught courses in European policy since 2012. He was appointed Vice-Rector of SNSPA in 2018 and served in this position until he was appointed President – Secretary of State of the National Institute of Administration (INA) in January 2022.
Previously, Mr. Ghigiu served as Senior Advisor to the Romanian Minister of National Education (2012-2014, 2016) and Deputy Minister in the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government (2017). Mr. Ghigiu has also been a member of the Board of the Romanian – US Fulbright Commission (2019-2022). Mihai Ghigiu attended several training courses in Europe and the U.S., such as Universidad Complutense – Madrid (2013); École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) – Paris (2014); ETH – Swiss School of Public Governance – Zurich (2018); Kennedy School – Harvard University – USA (2017, 2018 and 2023), and other similar programs.

ベアタ・ダシンスカ=ムジチュカ Ms. Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka
President of the Management Board since 2016
Ambassador – the President’s special representative for the Three Seas Initiative
Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka has been professionally active in the banking sector for over 30 years.
President Daszyńska-Muzyczka is the originator and initiator of the establishment of the most important financial project in Central and Eastern Europe – the Three Seas Initiative Fund, and since 2019 she has been the chairwoman of its supervisory board. She is also the originator of the 3W: Water – Hydrogen – Carbon initiative, implemented by BGK. A member of the College of the President of the Republic of Poland for International Policy, which is part of the President’s International Policy Office. She is also a member of the Chapter of the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland and the chairwoman of the program council of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs. In 2023, she was nominated by President Andrzej Duda as Ambassador – the President’s special representative for the Three Seas Initiative.

コンラット・ポプワフスキ Dr. Konrad Popławski
Project coordinator of Connectivity and Regional Integration Programme. From 2020 to 2022, Konrad has been the head of the Central European Department, and previously a long-term analyst of the German economy. He is the author of many analyses and several longer studies on the economy of Central Europe and Germany. He has been a coordinator and author in international research projects in the framework of Visegrad consortium of think-tanks preparing expert opinions for the diplomatic ministries of the V4 countries. He defended his doctorate with honors at the Warsaw School of Economics with a dissertation entitled “Changes in Germany’s Foreign Trade After Joining the Eurozone.

コリーナ・ヴルペシュ Mrs. Corina Vulpeș
Mrs. Corina Vulpeș has an extensive experience in the banking sector with a focus on the export credit agency specific activity, advising Romanian exporters on the most suitable financial solutions for approaching foreign markets.
She is coordinating Exim Banca Romaneasca – Romania partnership relations with local and international banks, export credit agencies, development/promotional banks and state-owned institutions, acting as Director of Institutional Relations, Financing, Guarantees and Insurance – State Funds Division.
Mrs. Vulpes has been appointed in 2019 as a member of the Management Board of the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund by Exim Banca Romaneasca, acting on behalf and for the account of the Romanian State and also represents the bank in various international bodies, promoting and supporting national projects that contribute to the local economy development.

ピョトル・アラック Mr. Piotr Arak
デロイト (Deloitte)、ポリティカ・インサイト・シンクタンク、国連開発計画、総務デジタル化省、首相府にて経済アナリストとして活躍後、ポーランド経済研究所の創設メンバーの一人となる。
Director of the Polish Economic Institute
Macroeconomic analyst, director and co-creator of the Polish Economic Institute, he previously worked at Deloitte, the Polityka Insight think-tank, the United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Administration and Digitization, and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland.

ゲイスタウタス・チェルニュス  Mr. Geistautas Černius
2019年 カウナス工科大学(リトアニア)を卒業後、情報工学の学士号を取得。
2020-2021年、 リトアニア国家サイバーセキュリティーセンター、インシデント処理部門、コンピュータシステムエンジニア担当。
2021 年 7 月以降、地域サイバー防御センター (NCSC 子会社) のサイバー脅威分析セルの責任者。 CompTIA Security+ 認定者。
2019 graduated from Kaunas University of Technologies (Lithuania), Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering;
2020-2021 National cyber security centre of Lithuania, Incident handling division, Computer systems engineer;
Since 2021 July Head of Cyber threat analysis cell at Regional cyber defence centre (NCSC Subsidiary);
Certified CompTIA Security+.

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