CLMV(Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam) Projects and Finance Update

主催:VDB Loi法律事務所、一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団

Time and Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2019 14:00-16:30
Location: Japan Bank for International Cooperation 9th floor auditorium
Sponsored by: VDB Loi, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOl)
Supported by: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)



CLMVにおけるプロジェクト最新動向/CLMV Projects and Finance Update
(1)各国の主要な案件とトピックス/Deal roundup
◆The Government’s new tender for a 100MW PV (solar) plant
◆Stake in an existing coal-fired plant for sale
◆Financing acquisition of microfinance institutions
◆Financing of PV (solar) and other construction projects
◆Transmission line financing update
◆Hydropower projects update
◆What is the status of the Lao-China expressway?
◆Financing agriculture projects
◆LNG to Power and hydropower projects progress update
◆Now allowed: acquiring a 35% stake in Myanmar banks and insurance
◆Update on Yangon Elevated Ringroad project and other PPPs
◆Retail and wholesale liberalized
◆Port terminal M&A and financing opportunities
◆The Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City hi-speed railway project
◆Cai Mep Terminal project and opportunities in the port sector
◆Industrial infrastructures in Vietnam (steel and warehouses)
◆Retail sector updates
(2)デューデリジェンスのケーススタディ/Due diligence case studies
〇Acquiring a stake in a Myanmar bank: what to expect in the due diligence?
〇Thilawa Special Economic Zone: advantages for investors and their lenders – model for the region
〇Case study: Financing of a medical facility in Laos
〇Financing the acquisition of a stake in a producing power asset in Cambodia
〇Lessons learned from the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy dam collapse in Laos
〇Case study: what went wrong with this (cancelled) expressway project in Vietnam?
(3)案件形成/Deal structuring
〇Financing the acquisition of a large MFI in Cambodia: case study in deal structure
〇How to best structure an LNG to power project in Myanmar? FSRU, LNG supply, surprising tax rules
〇Case study: Tax efficient structure for an infrastructure project financing in Vietnam
〇How to structure a transmission line financing in Laos?
(4)現地政府の承認と政府保証/Local approvals and government guarantees
〇How is the new regulation on PPP and Government guarantees in Myanmar affecting current projects?
〇How workable are Vietnam’s new Government guarantee rules?
〇Case study: Approval package for financing an expressway in Laos
〇Cambodia’s tax rules on approving foreign loans
(5)セキュリティ・パッケージと債務執行/Security package and debt enforcement
〇Security package for a solar plant in Cambodia: registration and enforcement issues
〇Real lessons learned from the first High Court and Supreme Court cases in Myanmar on foreign arbitration
〇Case study on enforcing security in Laos as a foreign lender
〇Litigation and debt enforcement experiences in Vietnam all foreign lenders should be aware of


質疑応答/Questions & Answers


エドウィン・ヴァンダーブルゲン(VDB Loi法律事務所 シニア・パートナー)
Edwin Vanderbruggen, Senior Partner, VDB Loi
マキシム・コブゼフ(VDB Loi法律事務所 カウンセル)
Maxim Kobzev, Counsel, VDB Loi

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