Anti-ESG movement and practical measures

日時: 2024年1月16日(火)11:00-12:00(10:45〜入室可能)
Date and Time: Tuesday, January 16, 2024, 11:00-12:00 (admission available from 10:45)
Platform: Zoom webinar (Live and On-demand streaming)
Sponsored by: Baker & McKenzie (Gaikokuho Joint Enterprise) and Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Language: Englsih and Japanese without interpretation


セミナー概要/Seminar outline



Anti-ESG policies are taking shape across the US. Several Certain US state has passed a new state law requiring that decisions as to the investment of state assets be based solely on financial factors (i.e., without taking ESG concerns into consideration). In addition, the anti-ESG movement has resulted in litigation in the US and other jurisdictions, with lawsuits being filed to challenge ESG-related activities and decisions.

In this seminar, attorneys from Baker McKenzie’s Tokyo and Chicago offices will provide an overview of the anti-ESG movement and explain practical measures that can be taken in response to it.


◆Anti-ESG Backlashとは/What is the Anti-ESG Backlash
◆Anti-ESG法令の共通事項/Common Forms of Anti-ESG Laws
◆州司法長官によるAnti-ESG法令の執行/States Attorney Generals Enforcement of Anti-ESG Laws
◆新たなESG法令/New and Reactive ESG Laws
◆米国におけるESG / Anti-ESGの動向への対応/How to Navigate the ESG / Anti-ESG US Landscape
◆Anti-ESGの動向の日本への影響/Effect of the Anti-ESG movement to Japan



デイビッド・ハケット(べーカー&マッケンジー法律事務所 シカゴオフィス シニア・カウンセル)
David P. Hackett, Senior Counsel, Baker & McKenzie, Chicago Office
ピーター・トムザック(べーカー&マッケンジー法律事務所 シカゴオフィス パートナー)
Peter P. Tomczak, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Chicago Office
鈴木 康祐(べーカー&マッケンジー法律事務所(外国法共同事業)東京オフィス パートナー)
Kosuke Suzuki, Partner, Baker & McKenzie, Tokyo Office


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