Latest Trends of Renewables in the Middle East and Africa





Time and Date: Thursday, March 1, 2018, 14:00-16:00

Location: Japan Bank for International Cooperation 9th Floor Auditorium

Sponsored by Dentons, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)

Supported by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)


14:00-14:40 中東における再生可能エネルギーの最新動向/Developments and trends in ME renewables

●Current projects and project pipeline

●Trends regarding key risks

●Key differences in different technologies (PV v CSP)

●Energy storage

マイリ・マイン・ガルシア(Dentons法律事務所 ドバイ事務所 パートナー)

Mhairi Main Garcia, Partner, Dentons, Dubai Office

14:40-14:55 コーヒーブレイク/Coffee Break

14:55-15:35 アフリカ再生可能エネルギープロジェクトのバンカビリティ/Bankability of African Renewable Projects

●Typical lender concerns

●Lenders approach to risk

●Some general requirements

●Consents and permits

●Shareholder contribution

●Concession vs. licence

●Construction contracts

●O&M and supply contracts

●Lender security package and local issues

●Some case studies Renewables in Francophone Africa

ラミン・ハリリ(Dentons法律事務所 パリ事務所 パートナー)

Ramin Hariri, Partner, Dentons, Paris Office

15:35-15:50 再生可能エネルギーセクターにおけるファイナンスの最新動向/Financing trends in the renewables sector

●Market participants (DFIs, ECAs, local/regional banks, increasing role of Chinese banks and non-traditional providers of debt (sovereign wealth funds/pension funds)

●Key financing terms (e,g, tenors, refinancing risk, cashflow sweeps, credit support etc)

●Green Bonds/Sukuks

ウダヤン・ムケルジー(Dentons法律事務所 中東 パートナー)

Udayan Mukherjee, Partner, Dentons Middle East

15:50-16:00 質疑応答/Questions & Answers

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