Myanmar Energy and Infrastructure: Briefing on Upcoming Deals and Opportunities

日時:2017年3月15日(水) 14:00~16:20
主催:VDB Loi法律事務所、一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団
Date and time: Wednesday, March 15, 2017 14:00-16:20
Venue: Japan Bank for International Cooperation 9th Floor auditorium
Sponsors: VDB Loi and Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Supporter: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)


開会挨拶/Welcome & Introduction


Myanmar Energy and Infrastructure:Briefing on Upcoming Deals and Opportunities

1. ミャンマーにおけるエネルギーとインフラの資金調達の現況
Update on the key financing issues for energy and infrastructure projects in Myanmar
•Latest update on Government guarantees
•Which secured interested can be perfected in reality?
•Approvals and permits needed for foreign financing
•Enforcement issues

2. LNG発電とガスツーパワー/LNG and Gas to Power
•Update on the Government’s LNG tender
•Which other opportunities are coming up in LNG and gas-fired power plants?
•What is the best business structure for LNG supply and regasification?
•How can you move an FSRU into Myanmar?
•Legal and regulatory concerns on the proposed project sites

3. 太陽光エネルギー/Solar energy
•Which solar projects are in the pipeline?
•What is the tariff, escalation and capacity payment for solar in Myanmar?
•How to best procure a new solar project in Myanmar?
•What do Myanmar’s existing solar PPAs say about termination and FM?

4. 水力発電所/Hydropower plants
•How many MOUs currently exist? How many IPPs?
•Which projects are in which stage of development?
•What is the tariff and other key economic terms of hydro in Myanmar?
•What do Myanmar hydro PPAs say about curtailment?  

5. 送電線/Transmission lines
•Plans for new transmission lines and substations
•Case study:how is a T-line PPP structured in Myanmar?
•Right of way and land use: which land is in practice too difficult to be used for projects?

6. 港湾施設と桟橋/Port terminals and jetties
•Two ways to structure a port project in Myanmar
•What rights do you need from the Myanmar Port Authority?
•Which land are you allowed to use for a port?
•How much are the fees, revenue sharing with the Government?
•Which permits do you need for a jetty?

7. パイプラインと燃料貯蔵/Pipelines and fuel storage
•Upcoming opportunities
•Two structures for pipelines in Myanmar:BOT and JV
•Legal and practical aspects of right of way
•Permits needed for fuel tank farms

8. 石油製品の輸入と小売り/Import and distribution of petroleum products
•Upcoming opportunity in LPG import and distribution
•Can you import petroleum products as a 100% foreign owned company?
•Case study:fuel importation joint venture project

9. 水処理と配水/Water treatment and distribution
•Case study how existing water treatment and distribution project is structured
•How to best procure a water project in Myanmar? 

質疑応答/Questions & Answers


エドウィン・ヴァンダーブラゲン(VDB Loi法律事務所 パートナー)
Edwin Vanderbruggen (Partner, VDB Loi)

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