Myanmar Energy, Infrastructure and Construction Update

日時:2018年2月20日(火) 14:00~16:20(受付13:30~)


主催:VDB Loi法律事務所、一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団


Date and time: Tuesday, February 20, 2018 14:00-16:20

Venue: Japan Bank for International Cooperation 9th Floor auditorium

Sponsors: VDB Loi and Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)

Supporter: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)


14:00-16:00 ミャンマーのエネルギー、インフラ、建設事業の最新情報/Myanmar Energy, Infrastructure and Construction Update

(途中で15分間の休憩が入ります/15-minutes break will be included

1. エネルギーおよびインフラプロジェクトの現況および見通し

Deal Roundup: Deals and Projects, Present and Upcoming

-LNG to Power: complex but promising!

-The Government’s priority infrastructure projects list

-Hydropower plants update: we are moving forward again

-Solar: new projects in the pipeline

-Midstream and downstream oil and gas: now or never

-And the next big thing is…

2. ガス火力、水力、太陽光発電事業に影響する新たな展開:比較表

New Developments affecting Myanmar Gas, Hydro and Solar PPAs: Comparison Table

-Will the Myanmar Government insist on MMK for PPAs?

-Update on sovereign guarantees

-Myanmar PPA Tariff structure update: less capacity more energy payments?

-Differences in PPAs in payment rights during force majeure period

-Termination payments: are they bankable in Myanmar PPAs?

-The new MOEE/IFC hydropower PPA template

3. 既設の発電および燃料事業へのブラウンフィールド投資の機会

Brownfield Opportunities: Acquiring a Stake of an Existing Power or Fuel Project

-Buying a stake of an existing solar project: what to look for in the due diligence

-Fuel terminals on Myanmar Port Authority Land: how is the lease structured?

-Onshore structure: how to convert a Myanmar company into joint ventures (without a new entity)?

-Offshore structure: why you need two Singapore companies, not one

4. 電線、パイプライン、FSRU

Transmission lines, pipelines and FSRUs

-Outlook for new TX and gas pipeline projects

-Myanmar shipping and port regulations affecting FSU’s and FSRUs

-What are the legal aspects of right of way in Myanmar?

-Approval process for pipeline and storage construction

5. 不動産およびインフラ:建設事業の現状

Real Estate and Infrastructure: Update on Construction Projects in Myanmar

-Land transportation infrastructure: get ready for a big push

-Residential: beyond Landmark and Yankin

-How to split the onshore and offshore portion of an EPC contract?

-Approvals and registration of foreign engineers

16:00-16:20 質疑応答/Questions & Answers


エドウィン・ヴァンダーブラゲン(VDB Loi法律事務所 パートナー)

Edwin Vanderbruggen (Partner, VDB Loi)

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