新型コロナウィルスやOPEC+の政策の影響を踏まえたGlobal Oil Marketの最新動向と見通し

Global Oil Market and Energy Transition after COVID-19

主催:S&P Global、一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団


(会社概要、6/2-3 Virtual Japan Cross Commodity Forumのご案内)
岡田 耕平(S&P Global Platts New Business Manager, Japan) 

「原油市場見通し/Oil Market Outlook」(40分)
◆Oil markets: What steps are needed to rebalance
◆OPEC+ cooperation: Compliance and production curtailment from the rest of the world
◆Outlook for refinery runs and margins in Asia
◆Longer-term impacts: Energy transition and the role of oil
Mathieu Sorel(S&P Global Platts Commodities Analytics Specialist, Oil & NGL)

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