India: Do risks outweigh rewards?

日時:2018年4月13日(金) 10:00~12:00
主催:Berkeley Research Group、一般財団法人海外投資情報財団
Date and time: Friday, April 13, 2018 10:00-12:00
Venue: Japan Bank for International Cooperation, 9th Floor Auditorium
Sponsors: Berkeley Research Group, Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Supporter: Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)


10:00-10:05 イントロダクション/Introduction

布田 ローレンス(Berkeley Research Group 日本支社長)
Lawrence Futa, Director, Berkeley Research Group, Tokyo

10:05-10:50 Part 1:リスクの観点から(Berkeley Research Group)

Abhijit Yadav, Principal- South Asia, Global Investigations and Strategic Intelligence, Berkeley Research Group, Mumbai

Current Investment Climate and Infrastructure: Private equity, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and family offices; Increased cooperation with ASEAN; Government championing sectoral reforms
Opportunities and Pitfalls of investing and operating in India
Jugaad – the Indian way of doing business; innovative solutions to operate in a complex business environment
Overview of common grey practices and “unseen” stakeholders posing critical threat
Post-investment monitoring and operational issues: how can large corporations ensure compliance by Indian counterparts?
◆ケーススタディ/Case Studies

10:50-11:05 コーヒーブレイク/Coffee Break

11:05-11:50 Part 2:法律上の観点から(Indus Law)

Gaurav Dani, Partner, Indus Law, Delhi

The Legal View – legal perspective around risks outweighing rewards
◆ジョイントベンチャー:十分なデューデリジェンスの必要性/Joint venture; need for adequate due diligence
◆懸念される分野と緩和策/Areas of concern and mitigation steps
New opportunities around distressed assets and the lure for foreign investor

11:50-12:00 質疑応答/Questions & Answers

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