電力市場及び製造業の未来−デジタル化と脱炭素化 〜行動に移すための洞察とともに、貴社の2021年のインダストリアルセクター戦略を再考する〜

Future of Energy & Manufacturing sectors - Digitalization & Decarbonization 〜Recalibrate Your Industrial 2021 Strategy with Actionable Insights〜


主催:フロスト&サリバン ジャパン株式会社、一般財団法人海外投融資情報財団
Duration: About 50 minutes
Hosted by Frost & Sullivan Japan K.K., Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI)
Language: Japanese and English (without interpretation)


●インダストリアル業界では、今までにないほど、脱炭素化(Decarbonization)、分散化(Decentralization)、デジタル化(Digitalization)の3Dを緊急に必要としています。また、5Gが商業化段階に向かうなか、ハードウェアのメーカーは、あらゆる製品に5GおよびWi-Fi 6のソリューションを搭載することを迫られています。
●この厳しい状況で生き残り、未来に繁栄する企業は、順応性があり、迅速な判断を行い、新たなテクノロジーを受け入れる企業であり、企業のビジョンと能力を調整できる企業です。 短期的には、ニューノーマルは、デジタルの活用、サイバーとフィジカルの融合、そしてグリーン投資の拡大に特徴づけられます。
As the whole world is emerging from the lockdown and volatile times, it’s critical for companies to re-attune their strategy and future direction in the industrial sector.
●The industrial sector is in urgent need to embrace the 3Ds of Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization, more than ever before. With 5G moving towards commercialization phase, hardware manufacturers are pushed to incorporate integrated 5G and Wi-Fi 6 solutions across a range of devices.
●Massive investments in green economy and sustainable infrastructure could be the way out for countries to emerge from the economic slump caused with COVID-19 and create millions of new jobs
●With IIoT solutions taking a strong foothold across the manufacturing value chain, industries are beginning to realize the value of edge computing, especially as it pertains to powering clean-tech applications
●Digitization, driven by the adoption of Industrial IoT, has resulted in billions of devices in countless factories and industrial environments generating unfathomable amounts of data. In edge computing, the data never has to leave the network to provide insights. The industries can proactively address decarbonization using edge computing powered by machine learning and AI
●The companies that will survive & thrive in future are those that are adaptive, agile, embrace new technologies, have the ability to adjust their vision and future abilities. In short, the new normal will be characterized by digital collaboration, cyber-physical convergence, and surge in green investments.




ロビン・ジョフィ(フロスト・アンド・サリバン・ジャパン株式会社 代表取締役 兼 パートナー)
Robin Joffe, President, Frost & Sullivan Japan K.K.


講演1: 製造およびエネルギー分野における脱炭素化技術(日本語) Decarbonization Technologies in Energy Sector and Manufacturing Sector(Language–Japanese)
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・エネルギー分野における脱炭素化の取り組み/Initiatives for Decarbonization in Energy Sector
・エネルギー分野における脱炭素化のためのデジタルソリューション/Digital Solution for Decarbonization in Energy Sector
・製造業における脱炭素化の取り組み/Initiatives for Decarbonization in Manufacturing Sector
・製造業における脱炭素化のためのデジタルソリューション/Digital Solution for Decarbonization in Manufacturing Sector
Industrial decarbonization enables the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of the industrial corridors, also enables the production of more renewable energy and products. Recently, companies are actively switching to low carbon energy-based chemicals and raw materials that reduce the carbon footprint of the manufacturing processes. Moreover, companies are looking for advanced digital solutions to accelerate the decarbonization, such as blockchain and digital twin. Such digital solutions can track the materials, have in-depth analysis, and construct a transparent system for raw materials sourcing, production, and electricity usage, which decreases the carbon footprint across the entire supply chain network. This briefing will introduce the overview of decarbonization and notable initiatives taken by major stakeholders in the manufacturing and energy sectors.

洪 偉豪(フロスト&サリバン ジャパン株式会社 成長戦略マネージャー)
Weihao Hung, Growth Strategy Manager, Frost & Sullivan Japan K.K.


講演2: 5Gおよびエッジコンピューティング市場における主な変革の動向(英語) Top Trends Transforming in the 5G and Edge Computing Market(Language-English)
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・5GおよびIIoTのビジネスエコシステム/Business Ecosystem of 5G and IIoT
・ビジネスの持続性を確保するための5Gの役割/Role of 5G in Ensuring the Sustainability of Businesses
・5Gにより促進されるIIoTとエッジコンピューティング/IIoT And Edge Computing – driven by 5G
・成長機会および事例/Growth Opportunities and Use Cases
Edge computing is evolving rapidly in wireless networks around the world. Frost & Sullivan predicts that around 90% of industrial enterprises will utilize edge computing by 2022, and a majority of data will be processed on the edge. 5G is expected to boost edge computing by a combination of minimum latency, high bandwidth and high density. As companies further digitize their operations and explore new data streams that help inform business decisions, they will invest more in edge computing as an extension of their cloud model. This briefing will provide insights in to opportunities’ and trends for Edge and 5G.

アントワン・フーシェ(フロスト&サリバン ジャパン株式会社 成長戦略コンサルティングマネージャー) Antoine Huchez, Growth Strategy Consulting Manager, Frost & Sullivan Japan K.K.


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