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2022-04-15 Webinar:Indian Budget 2022-23: Potential implications on Japanese business in India

2022-04-15 Webinar:Indian Budget 2022-23: Potential implications on Japanese business in India

2022-04-14 Webinar:The Baltic Gateway

2022-03-11 Webinar:Presentation of the Investment Partnerships Program in Brazil

2022-02-15 Webinar:EU foreign direct investment review and new foreign subsidies regulation

2022-02-03 Webinar:The evolving legal regime for hydrogen projects in Europe and Australia

2022-01-28 Webinar:Energy transition: Conventional energy, oil and gas companies moving into renewables: issues and pitfalls

2022-01-26 Webinar:Virtual Hearings in International Arbitration: Challenges and Opportunities

2022-01-25 Webinar:FDI Seminar 2022: Recent Trends of Japanese FDI

2022-01-19 Webinar:Effects of Climate Change on the United States Electricity Market: Considerations for Market Participants

2021-12-17 Webinar:U.S. Energy Seminar: The direction of U.S. policy and the opportunities and challenges for Japanese companies

2021-12-07 Webinar:M&A Anti-Bribery and Corruption ("ABC") Due Diligence: Protection against risk exposure

2021-11-25 Webinar:Construction Masterclass 2021 "Japan Outbound Construction: Dealing with State Entities"

2021-11-18 Webinar:Business and Human Rights: the continued scrutiny and increasing obligations and liabilities in Europe and how these might impact entities in Japan


2021-10-20 Webinar:Dealing with NGOs: How To Protect Corporate Reputation

2021-10-19 Webinar:Dispute Resolutions in International Infrastructure-Construction Projects-ISDS under Investment Treaties

2021-10-06 Webinar:M&A from a sell-side perspective

2021-10-05 Webinar:Climate change and ESG litigations in Europe and other regions and shareholder activism

2021-09-30 Webinar:Investment opportunities and risks at Innovative sector in Southeast Asia and India

2021-09-22 Webinar:A Guide To Currency Management For Japanese Corporates

2021-09-16 Webinar:The Southeast - Asian Compliance Landscape in 2021 and Beyond : New Threats and the Strategies and Tools to Deal with Them

2021-09-15 Webinar:Hydrogen in the Middle East: Opportunities and Challenges

2021-08-31 Webinar:Opportunities Deep Seabed Mining

2021-07-20 Webinar:Brazil-Japan Business Dialogues on Energy - The contribution of bioenergy to decarbonization: business opportunities

2021-07-15 Webinar:Tech Startups & Venture Capital Investment Opportunities in Lithuania

2021-07-12 Webinar:JOI Global Topic Seminar: Energy 2021 - Outlook for Global Energy Sector and Sustainability

2021-06-29 Webinar:Three Seas Initiative - Opportunities for Japan and Japanese Investors

2021-06-22 Webinar:Emerging Markets/China:Long-Term Growth Prospects

2021-05-13 Webinar:US China regulatory and trade tensions and their potential impact on Japanese companies

2021-04-26 Webinar:Energy sector in Brazil: opportunities for investments

2021-03-10 Webinar: Safeguarding overseas Japanese assets in the advent of climate change

2021-02-19 Webinar: Future of Energy & Manufacturing sectors - Digitalization & Decarbonization 〜Recalibrate Your Industrial 2021 Strategy with Actionable Insights〜

2021-02-16 Webinar: FDI Seminar 2021: Recent Trends of Japanese FDI

2021-02-09 Webinar: Post U.S. Election Outlook for Energy Investments in Southeast and South Asia

2021-01-28 Webinar: New Foreign investment (FIRB) Law in Australia and what’s the impact for Japanese companies?

2021-01-27 Webinar: Restrictions on Foreign Investment in the United States

2021-01-14 Webinar: Investing in India Post COIVD-19

2020-12-14 Webinar: US Presidential Election and Business Impact

2020-11-26 Webinar: Chile Business Seminar:Chile Green Hydrogen Strategy - Hydrogen Carriers - Development of Natural Capital

2020-11-25 Webinar: Mauritius: Africa’s Investment Hub

2020-10-07 Webinar: Decarbonization impact & its opportunity in Energy Sector & New Trend in Manufacturing Sector ~Recalibrate Your Industrial 2020 Strategy with Actionable Insights~

2020-08-26 Webinar: Cybersecurity:Trends and Threats for Japanese multinational corporations

2020-08-19 Webinar: Post-COVID 19 Business Opportunities in China

2020-06-19 Webinar: Investments in infrastructure in Brazil – Opportunities and Legal Framework pos-covid19

2020-05-27 Webinar: COVID 19, Investment Prospects, and the Importance of Due Diligence in Southeast Asia

2020-05-19 Webinar: Global Oil Market and Energy Transition after COVID-19

2020-02-26 Myanmar Cambodia Laos Energy and Infrastructure Update

2020-02-25 Vietnam 2020: Risks and Opportunities

2020-02-20 Global Power & Utility Sector Transformation - Future Growth Opportunities

2020-02-18 Success & Failures in India – the Learnings

2020-01-28 FDI Seminar 2020: Recent Trends of Japanese FDI

2020-01-24 International Construction Dispute Resolution: Managing Risk Abroad

2020-01-21 Being successful in India – how to manage business reputation risks and understanding “promotor” from perspective of Japanese companies

2019-12-6 Beyond GDPR: Data as an asset one year on from GDPR

2019-12-5 Past, Present and Future: 150 Years of Japan-Hungary Industrial Relations & Smart Hungary Investment Seminar

2019-11-29 Breaking Barriers: Understanding India’s Regulatory Environment 2019

2019-11-13 Applying the ABA Deal Points Study: Strategies for Japanese Buyers

2019-11-06 US-China Trade War:Transaction Blocking Measures and their Impact on Japanese Companies

2019-10-04 Australia 2019 – In The Ever Evolving Japan Australia Relation, Economic & Tax updates and Investment Opportunity

2019-10-03 Legal strategy for M&As in Nordic countries: comparing with general notes for European countries

2019-09-27 Talk: Design Led Innovation - Educating people to drive innovation and create new business (case studies from the Royal College of Art and The University of Tokyo)

2019-09-18 Fuel for thought: key trends in Vietnam's LNG sector

2019-09-17 Independent Compliance Monitorship: Why does US Department of Justice impose independent monitors, and what does a monitor do? Learn US DOJ’s perspectives of compliance best practices

2019-09-03 Trouble in Paradise? How to manage risk associated with the wave of Japanese investment into South and Southeast Asia

2019-08-06 Solar projects and Tax Equity in the US

2019-07-24 JOI Global Topic: Mexico Investment Seminar - Mexico Trade Policy-

2019-04-25 New Era of Offshore Wind Power Projects in Japan, EU and US

2019-04-23 Business risk environment in Indonesia under the new government: A post-election perspective

2019-04-18 Developing economic infrastructure projects in Asia Pacific: Strategies for bridging the demand-supply gap

2019-04-09 Brazilian Infrastructure Investments Perspectives

2019-03-05 Structuring power transactions and market update in Africa

2019-02-28 The 3rd SADC - Japan Business & Investment Forum

2019-02-27 LNG to Power Opportunities in Asia

2019-02-25 Investing in battery metals projects: key issues and developments

2019-02-07 Investing in Sri Lanka: Legal Framework and Practical Consideration

2019-02-01 Environmental and Social Impacts on Power Projects in South Asia

2019-01-28 Safeguarding Your Foreign Investments – Japan’s Treaties Light the Way

2019-01-22 FDI Seminar 2019: Recent Trends of Japanese FDI

2019-01-17 Project Bonds, Green Bonds and Other New Forms of Financing for the Asian Project Finance Market

2019-01-16 V4 Business Seminar:Post-Brexit investment opportunities in EU

2019-01-11 Angola Investment Seminar

2018-11-28 Outbound Energy Investment: Key trends, innovation and risks that Japanese companies should know

2018-11-27 Developments and trends in the mining sector, including alternative forms of finance

2018-10-16 Risk, Resilience and Reputation from an International Perspective – M&A and Disputes

2018-09-20 Look before you leap: Managing compliance risks in outbound M&A transactions

2018-09-12 Key Lessons for Offshore Wind Power: Recent Developments in Taiwan, US & Australia

2018-09-11 Japanese investment in Power & Transport Projects in India and Bangladesh 〜 do the opportunities outweigh the risks?

2018-09-05 Emerging Environmental, Social and Stakeholder Trends in the Mining Sector, and Consideration for Project Development & Investment

2018-08-02 Investing in South Africa and Kenya (Legal Framework and Practical Consideration)

2018-06-28 CR Geopolitical Risks Report: Middle East Briefing on Iraq and Iran

2018-06-26 Investing in Indonesia:An overview of recent political, legal, and regulatory changes and their impact on foreign investments

2018-06-19 US Foreign Direct Investment Control During the Trump Administration: A More Uncertain World and Reactions in Europe to Investment Deflection

2018-06-14 Cross-border Joint Ventures: Lessons learned from JVs gone bad

2018-06-06 Australia 2018−Building for Growth, Investment landscape, M&A trends & key sector opportunities

2018-04-18 Power Projects in Indonesia: An overview of recent regulatory changes and their impact

2018-04-17 Recent Trends in Outbound Investments in Europe

2018-04-13 India: Do risks outweigh rewards?

2018-03-07 U.S. Business Visa Seminar: 2018 Update

2018-03-01 Latest Trends of Renewables in the Middle East and Africa

2018-02-28 Managing Operation Risks in Emerging Economies−The case of Vietnam

2018-02-22 India Legal Landscape 2017−Catch-up of Important Changes, Impact on Business and Way Forward

2018-02-20 Myanmar Energy, Infrastructure and Construction Update

2018-02-19 What Japanese companies should know about the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and practical guidance on how to prepare for it

2018-02-02 Offshore Wind:From Europe to Asia Pacific−perspectives and opportunities

2018-02-01 APAC Infrastructure Credit Outlook for 2018

2018-01-26 Build, Build, Build!: M&A Opportunities in the Philippines

2018-01-24 Indonesia’s Ascent: Investment Challenges and Opportunities in 2018

2018-01-22 FDI Seminar 2018: Recent Trends of Japanese FDI and Characteristics of Japanese FDI

2017-12-06 Project Financing of Renewables Transactions in the current "State of Play" – including Techniques, Trends

2017-11-30 Warranty & Indemnity Insurance in the Context of M&A Transactions

2017-11-28 Protecting Corporate Japan’s Global Interests:The Definitive Guide to Getting Results in International Arbitration

2017-11-20 Making or breaking your Iran investments: factors for success and the key risks

2017-10-19 Financing the New Generation of Gas-to-Power Projects in Asia: A Comparison of Global Approaches to Integrated and Non-Integrated Models

2017-10-17 Recent Trends in Project Financing Global Energy Projects

2017-10-12 Austria: Little Big Country as Option A

2017-09-29 Infrastructure Development by Public and Private Partnership in Myanmar: Opportunities and Challenges

2017-09-28 Financing the New Generation of Gas-to-Power Projects in Asia: A Comparison of Global Approaches to Integrated and Non-Integrated Models

2017-09-21 Shareholder Activism in the U.S. and Japan’s Corporate Governance Code
Recent Trends and How They Impact Japanese Companies: Lessons from the Field

2017-09-13 Opportunities and Challenges in Doing Business with the United States: the View from Washington D.C.
Recent Developments in U.S. Trade, Foreign Investment, Sanctions, and Energy Policy and the Impacts on the Business Environment

2017-09-06 Business Investment in Switzerland: Cross-border Auctions in M&A – Strategies for Japanese Bidders Doing Transactions in Europe

2017-08-29 Investment in Infrastructure in North America (US/Canada)

2017-07-11 Doing Business in India – Key Considerations and Solutions

2017-07-06 Update on the Health of the African Economy;Legal and Compliance Issues in Africa

2017-07-05 Undertaking business in the Middle East

2017-07-04 Building for Growth:Comparative Analysis of the Legal Framework and Market Practice for Infrastructure/PPP in Australia/UK and in Japan

2017-06-27 Investment in United States Infrastructure

2017-06-16 Sustainability & Economics of Public-Private Partnerships

2017-06-14 The new PPP laws in Middle East, Islamic financing, Innovative Joint Venture Structures and opportunities in Saudi Arabia and other jurisdictions in the Middle East

2017-06-13 U.S. Business Visa Seminar: 2017 and Beyond

2017-06-07 Business Investment in Switzerland

2017-05-30 Australia 2017−Investment Landscape and Current Issues in Mining Sector

2017-04-27 Saudi Arabia:Opportunities in the Renewables Sector

2017-04-26 Identifying and capturing opportunities in US infrastructure

2017-04-18 M&A in India (Part IX)


2017-03-15 Myanmar Energy and Infrastructure: Briefing on Upcoming Deals and Opportunities

2017-03-08 JOI Special Research Seminar: For Further Development of Businesses in Indian Markets, 2017

2017-03-02 The Industrial Internet of Things – connecting the operational with the legal dimension

2017-02-23 Regulatory & Litigation Risk in Trump’s America - Managing Corporate Japan’s US Investments over the next 4 to 8 Years

2017-02-22 Dealing with Bribery: Principles and Practical Guidance

2017-02-20 Investment in Renewable Energy Projects in Africa

2017-02-07 Success & Failures in India−the Learnings

2017-01-30 Recent Trends of Japanese FDI and New Phase of the Global Competition

2017-01-27 Brazil’s Reforms and the New Legal Landscape

2017-01-24 Recent Trends in the Legal Aspects of Doing Business in Russia

2017-01-19 India Business Seminar−2017:New GST Regime in India, Demonetization Policy and Legal Update

2016-12-20 Investing in Iran in the era of Donald Trump

2016-11-29 Iran is the place to be: How to enter tomorrow’s market today?

2016-11-25 Africa – An update of current developments and trends in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia

2016-11-08 Money Laundering and White Collar Crime: U.S. Enforcement and Impact on Japanese Business

2016-11-01 Israel Start-ups: Why and How to Invest in Israel Now

2016-10-20 Top-down and bottom-up energy modelling approach for Africa and South America Energy Outlook, with supportive real project case studies

2016-09-29 Projects, Finance and Investment Developments in North Africa and across Middle East: Practical Legal Insights (Focusing on Egypt, Iran and Qatar)

2016-09-28 Turning green−A look at renewable energy in Asia-Pacific

2016-09-27 United States Electricity Markets: Financings and Acquisitions of Power Generating Facilities

2016-09-13 Business Risks and Mitigation Strategies for Japanese Companies in an Era of Increased Antitrust and Competition Enforcement

2016-09-07 Gas to Power:Opportunities and Challenges in Latin America

2016-09-06 Recent Developments in FinTech in UK, Singapore, Japane

2016-08-02 Financing and investing in the Polish power infrastructure - Possibilities and challenges from the Polish bank perspective

2016-07-20 Latest trends of power projects in Africa

2016-07-15 Emerging Cybersecurity Threats: How to Manage Risk and Survive Attacks

2016-07-05 Russia Seminar:Roadmap for successful business strategies

2016-06-22 Strategic Location in Europe - M&A in Switzerland

2016-06-07 Cyber Threat in Outbound M&A

2016-06-02 Outbound Investment in Continental Europe: M&A practice and key issues for Japanese investors on the European market

2016-05-31 Australia−Open for Business: budget review, M&A trends and opportunities

2016-05-25 Why to invest in Hungary? Hungary: Promising partner in the Central-European industrial growth engine

2016-05-18 Investing in Iran: a step-by-step case study

2016-04-19 Recent Trends in Energy Project Development and Investment (Gas, LNG and Power)

2016-04-18 United States Electricity Markets and Merchant Generation

2016-03-23 Aviation Finance in Asia

2016-03-10 Doing Business in a Myanmar in transition: Navigating Political, Legal and Regulatory Pitfalls to Harness Opportunities

2016-03-03 Opportunities for Japanese Investors in a Distressed Mining and Metals Environment

2016-02-23 Managing Efficient Cross-Border Investigations

2016-02-09 M&A in India (Part VIII)

2016-02-03 Ghana and Mozambique: recent experience in two of Africa’s most exciting markets

2016-01-27 Perspective of the Global Economy and Trends of FDI in 2016

2015-12-17 Manufacturing Investment and the Development of Industrial Zones in Ethiopia

2015-12-10 Infrastructure Quality and Finance

2015-12-04 Doing Business in Angola

2015-11-09 Recent Developments and Key Lessons for Japanese Companies regarding Investment Protection under International Treaties

2015-10-14 Africa Update – Projects, Finance and Investment developments across the continent: Practical Legal Insights Part II

2015-10-08 Investing in Indonesian Energy & Power Sectors

2015-10-02 Iran: Political and Commercial Risks for Japanese Investors

2015-09-29 New PPP Framework in the ASEAN member states (focusing on Indonesia and Vietnam)

2015-09-15 Alaska Oil & Gas Opportunity Seminar

2015-09-09 CYBERSECURITY: Protecting against and responding to a new and high-profile threat

2015-07-30 Egypt Investment Seminar: Energy Sector

2015-07-28 Managing Environmental and Social Risks for Major Capital Projects in Africa


2015-07-02 Corruption, Culture, Control: Establishing the missing link for a truly effective compliance program

2015-06-10 TCX-JBIC: Emerging & Frontier Market Local Currency Finance Seminar

2015-05-26 Arbitrating Disputes on International Construction & Engineering Projects - A Seminar offering practical tips for effectively managing each stage of the arbitration process

2015-04-23 Electric Power and Other Infrastructure Investments in the United States

2015-04-22 Russian Energy Sector in the Era of the Sanctions: Opportunities for Japanese CompaniesActivists from a Legal and Business Perspective

2015-04-16 Shareholder Activism in the U.S. and in Japan – Recent Trends and Effective Preparation for Shareholder Activists from a Legal and Business Perspective

2015-03-18 Corruption and Arbitration in the Emerging Markets

2015-03-11 Compliance Management of Overseas Subsidiaries - Fraud Detection Using Data Analytics

2015-03-04 U.S. Visa Seminar: Visa Adjudication and Update from the American Embassy Tokyo

2015-02-17 CAF-JBIC: Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Business Seminar

2015-01-28 Developing Major Projects in Africa: Practical Legal Insights

2015-01-23 Perspective of the Global Economy and Trends of FDI in 2015

2014-12-11 Investing in Africa through Public-Private Partnership

2014-12-03 Enterprise Law and Investment Law in Vietnam

2014-12-02 Understanding the Kuwait PPP Market and Opportunities

2014-11-06 The Fight Against Corruption: Lessons From the DOJ

2014-10-21 Opportunities and Risks in India: A Post-election Perspective

2014-10-08 Unfolding opportunities: What Japanese companies should know about IP Rights in India

2014-10-02 SERBIA Investment Seminar

2014-09-12 US LNG Projects: An Explanation of the Permitting Process


2014-09-08 Indonesian Legal Seminar: Prospects of Foreign Investment Restrictions under the New Government

2014-09-04 Hydrocarbon Capital Projects: Risk Recognition and Risk Mitigation

2014-08-07 India Seminar 2014

2014-07-10 Infrastructure Fund Seminar

2014-07-01 The next four years in Iraq: Commercial opportunities for Japanese companies under Iraq’s 2014-2018 government

2014-06-26 Structuring and protecting your investments in Africa – lessons learnt from recent transactions

2014-06-25 Investment into Agribusiness in Queensland

2014-06-18 Dispute in the Energy & Natural Resource Sectors: Managing Risk in Challenging Environments

2014-06-11 China as a Business Partner to Japan: Protecting Your Business from Potential Problems

2014-06-03 Australian Trade and Investment Landscape: budget review, investment activities and opportunities

2014-05-27 Serbia IT Seminar

2014-05-09 Doing Business in Central Asia

2014-04-25 Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Seminar

2014-04-21 A practical guide to arbitration for Japanese companies: Lessons learned from real cases

2014-04-17 Business Opportunities in Bogota

2014-03-18 Strategic Location in Europe - M&A in Switzerland

2014-02-28 Risk Environment Surrounding Indonesia

2014-02-19 M&A in India (Part VII)

2014-01-27 Perspective of the Global Economy and Trends of FDI in 2014

2014-01-16 Recent Trends of Brazilian and Mexican Economy

2013-12-12 The Pacific Alliance: Opportunities for Japanese Business

2013-12-11 Project Bonds: Extending the Reach of Japanese Companies

2013-12-10 Global Anti-Bribery and Corruption Risk: Lessons from the Frontline

2013-11-29 Managing environmental and human rights in international project finance

2013-11-26 Oil and Gas Investment in Africa

2013-11-19 City of Lodz Seminar

2013-11-18 International Arbitration Seminar

2013-11-14 Construction Masterclass: Megaprojects in the Middle East

2013-10-31 Colombia, Business Opportunities in the Automotive Industry

2013-10-28 Airport Concession and PPP Seminar

2013-10-24 Private investment funds: The inside view from a Japanese Fund Manager/GP and Investor/LP, Fund's Lawyer and Placement Agent

2013-10-23 The Czech Republic Investment Seminar

2013-10-18 Floating LNG Projects

2013-10-08 CHILE INVESTMENT SEMINAR: Investment opportunities in Chile

2013-09-30 U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Seminar: Insights from Former Federal Prosecutors


2013-09-12 Canadian LNG Seminar

2013-09-04 Angola Investment Seminar


2013-07-08 Recent Trends of Asian Economy: Impact of the Depreciation of Yen

2013-07-04 Out of Africa? Key Issues in Arbitrating African Resources Projects, and How to Save Costs When Doing So

2013-06-19 Transactional and Legal Risks in India

2013-06-18 Project Bond Financing

2013-06-10 Mexican Business Seminar

2013-06-06 Out of the Euro Crisis? European M&A Opportunities for Japanese Companies

2013-05-28 Insurance/Financial Institution M&A in Indonesia and Southeast Asia

2013-05-20 African Business Seminar: The Current Situation and Issues of Japanese Companies regarding African Businesses

2013-05-16 The FCPA and Anti-Bribery Compliance - Mitigating Global Risk

2013-05-15 Investment in Poland: How Japanese and other East Asian Investors are looking at Poland Strategically within Central & Eastern Europe

2013-05-10 Turkish Electricity Market and Mitigating Merchant Market Risks

2013-04-25 U.S. Visa Seminar

2013-03-26 Brazilian Economy Seminar: Perspective of the Economic Growth

2013-03-14 Romanian Investment Seminar

2013-03-12 Vietnam Power Seminar: Foreign direct investment in Vietnam’s power sector: overview, issues and solutions

2013-03-07 Turkish Investment Seminar on Incentive

2013-03-06 We Japanese should be able to do business better in India. Why not? (2nd)

2013-03-05 Resource Infrastructure Seminar

2013-02-27 Transactional and Legal Risks in Russia, Turkey and Other Neighboring Countries

2013-02-15 CIS and Russian downstream oil and gas: market trends and legal update

2013-01-30 Doing Business with India - Focus:National Manufacturing Policy

2013-01-23 Perspective of the Global Economy and Trends of FDI in 2013

2012-12-20 Australian Unconventional Oil and Gas in the Global Market

2012-12-06 Infrastructure Developments in Africa

2012-12-05 How to prepare in an Era of Aggressive Global Cartel Enforcement

2012-11-29 The Pacific Alliance: Opportunities for Japanese Business

2012-11-15 Myanmar - Time to Invest?

2012-11-01 Indonesian Oil and Gas: Current Developments

2012-10-30 Turkish Business Seminar

2012-10-19 Financing Power Projects in Australia and Asia

2012-10-17 Infrastructure Development in Myanmar and Cambodia

2012-09-20 Investing In and Venturing With Middle East Companies

2012-09-11 Global Sanctions Regimes and their implications for Japanese companies

2012-09-05 Renewable Energy Seminar

2012-09-04 Western Australia Investment Seminar

2012-07-11 Switzerland. The Ideal Base for European Operations. Investor Seminar – European market strategies for Japanese companies

2012-07-05 M&A in India (Part VI)

2012-07-04 Winning public sector work in the EU – opportunities, strategies and pitfalls for Japanese companies tendering for public sector work in the EU

2012-06-27 The Transformed U.S. Energy Landscape: Shale Gas, LNG Export and Crisis Management

2012-06-21 Investment Opportunities in Myanmar

2012-06-20 Acquisitions of U.S. Public Companies: Challenges for Japanese Buyers

2012-06-14 The India Power Sector: Recent Developments and Perspectives

2012-06-12 We Japanese should be able to do business better in India. Why not?

2012-06-05 Investing in Canadian Resources: What Japanese Investors Need to Know

2012-05-30 Euro Crisis- European and Russian M&A Opportunities for Japanese Companies

2012-05-24 Key Points in Renewable Energy Financing Under Japanese FIT (Feed-In-Tariff)

2012-05-21 Australia Investment Seminar

2012-05-18 U.S. Visa Seminar

2012-05-15 Development and Financing of Power Transmission Projects in the US Markets and Internationally

2012-04-25 Project Bonds Seminar: poject bonds; ECA-guaranteed project bonds; and project bonds intercreditor issues

2012-04-18 Vietnam –Developments in Cross border M&A and Project Frameworks

2012-03-01 Mining Projects in Developing Countries: Key Issues for Japanese Investors

2012-02-14 Qatar and the MENA Region – Project Opportunities and the Impact of the Arab Spring

2012-02-07 Russian Oil & Gas, Natural Resources Seminar

2012-02-01 Investing in Brazil and Latin America

2012-01-27 JOI 20th Anniversary FDI Seminar: Perspective of the Global Economy and Trends of FDI in 2012

2011-12-06 M&A in Indonesia

2011-12-05 Invest in Poland - Opportunities for Japanese Entrepreneures

2011-11-30 Fraud – The first 72 hours

2011-11-24 Trends in the European electricity market reform

2011-11-22 Investment in South Africa

2011-11-15 CHILE INVESTMENT SEMINAR IN TOKYO: Beyond the Japan-Chile Economic Partnership Agreement: Investment opportunities in Chile


2011-11-08 Developing and Financing Floating LNG Projects

2011-10-27 Asia Sovereigns in the global context: trends and outlook

2011-10-26 Riches in Indonesia: Opportunities for Japanese investors in SE Asia’s most exciting economy

2011-10-24 The decade of Latin America and the Caribbean: A Real Opportunity


2011-10-14 Legal issues in taking security over mining and resources interests in Australia and an overview of Australia's proposed carbon pricing scheme legislation

2011-10-05 Latin American and African Mining Projects - Trends and Opportunities

2011-10-03 Chronic Issues of Doing Business in Russia – Latest Developments

2011-09-28 The Renewable Energy Sector – Current regimes and key risks

2011-09-27 M&A in India (Part V)

2011-09-21 Latin America Oil and Gas Seminar

2011-09-14 The global mining sector: what is happening in key jurisdictions around the world?

2011-09-13 Africa: Supercycle and Trade Flows

2011-07-28 JBIC's New Operations

2011-07-13 The Middle East - what Japanese companies need to know about the region

2011-07-08 U.S. and Japanese Immigration, Visa and Nationality Law: A Comparative Review

2011-06-29 Trends in the U.S. Renewables Market Solar Energy and Off-shore Wind Energy

2011-06-21 BNDES SEMINAR: Brazil’s Economic Growth and the Role of BNDES

2011-06-16 Practical Guide to investing in the ASEAN market

2011-06-14 RMB bonds seminar-internationalisation of RMB, issue market and opportunities for Japanese companies

2011-05-26 Australian Business Seminar

2011-05-25 International Litigation and Arbitration: Maximizing Foreign Investment Opportunities and Minimizing Risk

2011-05-17 Successful European M&A by Japanese Companies – Myths and Reality

2011-04-19 Russian Investment Seminar: "Starting Sales Activities in Russia−Russian tax and employment implications

2011-03-09 Investment Opportunities in Campinas Seminar

2011-03-03 Suspect or Accused of Corruption & Bribery – what do you do?

2011-02-16 Positioning Japanese companies for success in key emerging nuclear markets

2011-02-15 Vietnam Infrastructure Update

2011-02-09 Coordinating Merger Control and Anti-Trust Update: China, Japan, EU & USA

2011-02-08 INDIA: Investment & Business Opportunity - Key Sectors

2011-02-02 Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resources in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Rest of the CIS

2011-01-28 FDI Seminar 2011: Recent Trends and Outlook of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment

2010-12-15 Climate Finance and Carbon Market's Outlook(Japanese Only)

2010-12-14 Unconventional Natural Gas Seminar

2010-12-09 Foreign Investment Related Laws and Practices in Saudi Arabia and UAE

2010-12-06 International Arbitration: A Singapore Perspective

2010-12-03 Overseas Deployment of Integrated Infrastructure Systems(Japanese Only)

2010-12-01 Middle East Project Finance and Investment (including Renewables)

2010-11-30 Oil and Gas: Recent Trends and Developments in Key Regions

2010-11-25 Investing in India – Recent Regulatory Changes

2010-11-24 Global Demand for Nuclear Energy and Risk Management Issues

2010-11-17 Key Trends in Australian and Indonesian Energy and Resource

2010-11-16 Road to Low Carbon Society Envisioned by WEO2010(Japanese Only

2010-11-10 The Toughest Corruption Legislation in the World? Impact of Japanese companies of the Bribery Act 2010 and how to prepare

2010-11-02 M&A in Europe - Takeover Regulation and Merger Control

2010-10-13 Infrastructure Development and Financing in Brazil

2010-10-07 Turkish Investment Seminar on Logistics

2010-10-05 An Overview of the Mongolian Legal and Business Environment

2010-09-30 JBIC Seminar: Confirmation on Environmental and Social Consideration− Application of IFC EHS Guideline −

2010-09-28 M&A in China − Recent Developments and Cases

2010-09-15 The MENA Region – A Resurgent Projects Market

2010-07-21 BNDES Seminar Brazil’s Economic Growth: Its potential and opportunity

2010-07-15 Investing in Australian Natural Resources and Agri-Businesses

2010-07-14 Vietnam Power and Infrastructure - Opportunities and Challenges

2010-06-21 The Current Situation of Consideration for Financial Mechanism in Biodiversity


2010-06-08 Opportunities and Future Trends - Water in the Asia-Pacific and MENA Regions: Focusing on wastewater treatment, desalination and IWPP projects

2010-06-02 Switzerland: A Solution for the European Market– Investor Seminar: A proposal for your essential European market strategy –



2010-05-21 Islamic Finance Updated: Practice and Markets

2010-05-17 Japan - Azerbaijan Business Forum

2010-05-14 The Aftermath of the UAE’s Selection of Korea’s APR-1400 & Current International Trends in Nuclear – Implications for the Future of the Japanese Nuclear Industry

2010-05-13 Seminar on Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanka

2010-05-10 Post-Copenhagen: Financing Mechanism and Emissions Trading for GHG Emission Reduction

2010-04-22 Recent Legal Issues of M&A of Taiwanese companies and Investment to PRC with Taiwanese Partners

2010-04-20 Chinese Intellectual Property Seminar -A Cost Effective Approach-

2010-04-14 Europe Coming Out of Recession M&A, Restructuring and Anti-Trust Update

2010-04-13 Energy and Infrastructure in Latin America

2010-03-10 US Renewable Energy and Clean Tech Business Trends

2010-02-09 EBRD Transition Report Seminar 2009: Transition in Crisis

2010-02-04 The U.S.A. Nuclear Power Market

2010-02-03 European Intellectual Property Seminar Tokyo 2010

2010-01-27 M&A in India (Part IV)

2010-01-26 FDI Seminar 2010: Recent Trends and Outlook of Japanese Foreign Direct Investment

2009-12-10 Overcoming Challenges Facing Infrastructure in Asia

2009-12-03 Control Risks' RiskMap 2010

2009-12-02 Doing Business in a Post-Recessionary Environment

2009-11-25 Structuring and Marketing International Private Equity Funds; Key Issues and Considerations

2009-11-10 Corporate Investments in Thailand

2009-11-09 Investment in India Seminar

2009-11-06 Chile: An Investment Platform The Commercial Strategy of Chile: An Outstanding Country

2009-11-05 Solar Power in the Middle East and North Africa Region

2009-11-02 US VISA SEMINAR

2009-10-28 Keys to Success in Indian Market

2009-10-27 Investment in Turkey: Promising Sectors

2009-10-23 Current legal issues and trends in foreign investment in Australian M&A and resources businesses

2009-10-20 Update on Energy and Infrastructure in Africa

2009-10-09 REGIONAL FORUM POLAND-JAPAN 2009 Part II: Regional seminar

2009-09-17 International Fraud: Detecting, Investigating and Appropriate Responses

2009-09-16 Slovak Investment Seminar Tokyo 2009 Handling the Financial Crisis and New Business Opportunities Brought by the Introduction of the Euro

2009-09-09 Baltic Investment Seminar

2009-07-23 European and Asian Opportunities in the Renewables and Clean Tech Sectors

2009-07-21 Current Legal and Commercial Issues for Energy, Mining and Infrastructure Investment in Africa, Indonesia and Russia

2009-07-14 Toward a Global Carbon Market: Where are we and where are we going?

2009-07-02 Riding the Dragon’s Rise  Identifying China-Related Opportunities for Japanese Investors in Turbulent Times

2009-06-24 Infrastructure Opportunities in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East

2009-06-17 M&A in India (Part III)

2009-06-10 M&A Opportunities and other Legal Aspects of the Financial Crisis in Europe

2009-06-02 Facing up to corruption risks in international business

2009-06-01 Project Financing of the LNG Chain

2009-05-19 Investment in Papua New Guinea Oil and Gas Sector

2009-05-12 Investor Seminar about Switzerland

2009-04-22 Czech Republic Investment Round Table

2009-04-15 Croatian Business Seminar

2009-03-17 US VISA SEMINAR

2009-03-16 Countermeasures to Manage through the Financial Crisis

2009-03-06 European Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures: Opportunities and Challenges

2009-03-04 Latest Trends of Financing and Business Promotion of Overseas Energy Saving and Environment Project

2009-03-02 Polish Food Industry: Tradition + Modernity=Reliability

2009-02-06 Looking Over the Horizon The Future of Clean Energy

2009-01-27 FDI Seminar 2009: Recent Trends and Outlook of the Japanese Foreign Direct Investment

2008-12-11 Beyond the Japan-Chile Economic Partnership Agreement: Investment opportunities in the Agricultural, and Mining Sectors

2008-12-10 International Arbitration Seminar

2008-11-25 M&A in the Mining and Mineral Sector

2008-11-19 Latest Indian Business Strategy: M&A, Joint Venture and Technology Transfer

2008-11-17 Slovak Investment Seminar CONTRACTA 2008

2008-11-14 Energy Constraint and Carbon Constraint for the Transition to Low Carbon Society

2008-10-29 Project Development and Finance in Africa

2008-10-15 Russian Business Seminar Latest Business Related Law, Taxation and Immigration Regulations and Practice

2008-10-08 M&A in India (Part II)

2008-09-29 Asia-LAC Trade and Investment Forum

2008-09-26 Polish Investment Seminar

2008-07-16 Business Opportunities in Oil and Gas Sector in Brazil

2008-06-20 Seminar for Peruvian Hydrocarbon Sector

2008-06-03 M&A in India

2008-04-16 M&A and Merger Control in Europe Recent Trends and Pitfalls for Japanese Companies

2008-04-14 2012 Opportunities for Business Growth in London

2008-03-12 Current trends of Project Finance in South East Asia