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The Japan Institute for Overseas Investment (JOI) collects and analyzes a wide range of information from various institutions and organizations in Japan and overseas.

Thorough the use and spread of information beneficial for foreign direct investment (FDI), JOI aims to facilitate sound and smooth FDI from Japan and to contribute to the expansion of international economic cooperation with many countries around the world.

JOI has entered into comprehensive cooperation agreements with foreign investment promotion agencies and with international organizations (including IFC, EBRD, ADB, and IDB), with the aim of establishing an effective business cooperation network in order to share information and resources regarding FDI.

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JOI holds seminars on a wide range of practical topics that are of particular interest to Japanese business entities, with guest speakers specializing in various fields including law, accounting, and business consulting.and more...

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JOI publishes a bimonthly magazine titled "Kaigai-Touyushi" ( Foreign Investment and Finance ) for subscribers.
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JOI conducts research on request on a wide range of topics, such as the investment climate in emerging markets, as well as on energy, natural resource development, and other sectors. and more...

Internet based Information Services

The website provides updates on recent activities of the JOI. Users have access to information useful for the development of foreign ventures and investment, and the site serves as a gateway to further FDI-related material. A wealth of information is available on the investment climate in various countries with numerous links to investment promotion agencies both domestic and overseas. The latest edition of "Result of JBIC Survey: Outlook for Japanese FDI" and the bimonthly Japanese publication “Kaigai-Touyushi” are available, as well as information materials used at JOI seminars.

*JOI members can have full access to our website, which is partially members-only.